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• goodbyes give birth to a more lovelier hello.

• your palms are made of second chances and third
and fourth and unlimited opportunities.

• when the sea gets angry, it forms a tsunami.
angry things are the deadliest.
control your anger.
don’t kill.

• your mother will always understand.
if she doesn’t, prove her wrong.

• you will always be your father’s weakness.

• there are days when eating a box of pizza
all by yourself is necessary.

• you can scream with your car’s window rolled down.

•poetry is always meant to be beautifully or painfully tragic.

• someone out there is dying to know you exist.

• hands are the best things no matter how rough
or calloused they are.

• not everyone will treat you right but not
all of them meant to hurt you.

• bad days are lessons and memories
that are yet to be learned and cherished.

• you can always unlearn drowning and master
breathing and staying afloat.

• you have the right to leave and the choice to stay.

• home isn’t always tangible.
it could be a pair of shaky hands and gentle eyes.

• don’t settle for sands when you can hold a rock.

• regret is far worst than trying.

• you can always cry.
you can weep.
you have the right to break down.
just let it all out.

• sleep could be an escape but too much of it
means running away.

• your dog understands you.
just talk to him when you have
no one else to turn to.

• your cat can warm your bed.

• don’t cut your wrist.
stitch your old wounds.

•we are all fucked up.

•you’re not alone in this.

• if people’s heart can change,
your sorrow, too is not permanent.

•you’ll be happy. you’ll smile again.
you’ll survive this. you’ll live.

-irishjulienne, things to remember when you feel like dying (via a-ngxr)


Tolkien Illustrations by Alan Lee

"Young writers should read books past bedtime and write things down in notebooks when they are supposed to be doing something else."

Lemony Snicket 

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Sagittarius is one of the more humorous signs of the zodiac, They enjoy either cracking jokes themselves or surrounding themselves with people who are funny.